Tips to Save On Your Electricity Bill This Summer

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As the temperature is rising, you’re probably noticing a proportional increase in your electricity bill, as well. It’s not pleasant to be hot all the time, so what are some good ways to stay cool while keeping your electricity bill manageable? In today’s blog post, we will explore several tips to save on your electricity bill this summer. If you … Read More

Cool Profiles: Dan Nelson

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Daniel Nelson was born in Newport News and was raised in Toano, having graduated from Lafayette High School. He is a partner and the service manager at Nelson’s Heating and Cooling. He went to school and graduated from Universal Technical Institute in Houston, Texas. Dan has been working in the household technology industry since 2001 starting at a local residential HVAC … Read More

5 Steps to Maintain Your Dehumidifier

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5 Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Dehumidifier Dehumidifiers are essential for homes and businesses: they maintain proper humidity levels to prevent mold growth, reduce the chance of humidity-caused damage to woodwork and furniture, and they reduce exposure to odors and allergens.  However, reducing the humidity in your house is not simply flipping the on switch to the dehumidifier and then … Read More

Cool Profiles: Chris Nelson

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HVAC Repair Williamsburg VA

Chris Nelson, co-founder of Nelson’s Heating and Cooling, began in the HVAC industry shortly after graduating from Lafayette High School, right here in Williamsburg, VA. In his last two years at Lafayette, Chris spent two years in vocational school learning the HVAC trade. He spent 10 years working for an HVAC company in both residential and commercial heating and cooling … Read More