The first day of spring has finally come and gone. Yes, in Virginia we did have snow on the second day of spring but it is on the way, we promise. As homeowners we begin to prepare our household for the warmer weather, but don’t forget to prepare your heating and air conditioning system too. Below we will give you a few HVAC tips on how to get spring ready.

TESTING your air conditioning unit is number one. Summer is right around the corner and you want to make sure that your system is ready for those super hot days. All you have to do it turn your system on and run it for a few hours, this will allow you to notice any issues in plenty of time to have them addressed by an expert.

REPLACING the filters throughout your home is something you should do right at the beginning of each season. During some seasons, you may even have to clean or replace them monthly, depending on how much you have used your HVAC system. Dirty, unchanged filters cause your system to work harder than it needs to, which ends up costing you more money. No one wants that.

CLEANING around your outdoor unit is a must as well. The most important part of your HVAC system is the compressor, which is in your outdoor unit, so be sure to clean around it and remove any obstructions such as plants, leaves and debris.

CHECKING your duct work, also known as your ventilation system, to make sure the cracks and connectors are taken care of and that any holes are completely sealed is another important step.

SCHEDULING your preventive maintenance check up with us is the last but not least of these very necessary spring HVAC tips.

If you have any questions about preparing your HVAC system for spring please don’t hesitate to call Nelson’s Heating and Cooling!