During the winter we all see our bills rise so that we can keep warm but what if there were tips and tricks to help keep your winter heating bills down while still keeping warm? Well there are! Here is how.

Lower Your Water Heater Temperature. If you set your water heater to a lower than average temperature, say 120 degrees, then it will not have to work endlessly to keep up and therefore uses much less energy. You can save nearly 3 percent on your bill each time you lower your water heater temperature by 10 degrees.

Use The Natural Light. If you have direct sunlight that shines into your home open up your curtains and let the natural warmth in. However the same goes for if you are in the shade or the sun goes down. In those instances, be sure your curtains are closed so the heat doesn’t escape the same way it came in.

Wash Your Clothes With Cold Water. Using cold water means your home doesn’t have to use the energy to heat the water up therefore saving you money just by using cold water in your washing machine instead of warm/hot water.

Replace You Furnace Filters. If your filters are dirty they reduce the airflow meaning your system has to work harder and thus consumes more energy therefore costing you more money.

Use Water Efficient Shower Heads or Faucets. This really does make a difference in reducing your water consumption by up to 9 percent.

Use Compact Florescent Bulbs. They tend to cost a bit more up front but save you so much more in the end.

Winterize Your Home. Use caulk to seal up those cracks in your windows and doors. If you have cracks in your foundation contact a local professional to help you seal those so you can keep your heat inside and the cold air from seeping in.

Insulate, Insulate, Insulate. Make sure your home is fully insulated, this includes the attic, basement and crawlspaces. The average home owner can save up to 20 percent on their HVAC bill when their home is insulated properly.

Purchase Energy Saving Appliances. Your refrigerator, washer, dryer, tv’s etc can really increase your energy bill so remember when you are shopping for new appliances to buy the ones with the energy saving sticker.

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to Nelson’s Heating And Cooling!