Heating and cooling systems tend to make the weirdest noises. Yes, some of them are common like the low hum of the air flowing through the vents but sometimes these noises can be loud and distracting. Have you ever wondered what these noises are and why your system is making them? Here are a few common HVAC system noises and what you can do about them.

HVAC Rattling. This sound could mean a number of different things. If this sound is occurring in your outdoor unit it may mean there is some debris (sometimes a twig or leaves etc) stuck in your system. All you have to do is turn the unit off and, be sure to also cut the power to the unit just incase and remove the object. If you see that there is damage call your local HVAC company asap. If you can hear the rattling internally then turn your unit off and call your technician to come remove whatever is inside. This tends to be a lot more complicated and isn’t something you want to do on your own.

HVAC Hissing. This typically means there is air leaking from your system, usually if you hear this sound coming from your walls then your ducts are allowing the air to escape. This not only causes that hissing noise but it also is a waste of money because the air that is supposed to be circulating throughout your home is now leaking into the walls. The repair of your ducts isn’t something home owners should be doing on their own, you should call your local technician to help with this. There is however, also the chance that if the hissing is light, it may be coming from your air vents, usually caused by your filter not being set right or being the wrong size for your vent. If this is what’s happening, it means air is escaping through the gaps that are left from having the wrong size filter instead of being pulled through it. Easy fix, just get a correct fitting filter.

HVAC Clanking. Your system will always tend to make some sort of humming sound but if you are hearing clanking there is a big problem. This means there are loose parts within your system and if this is not fixed this can cause major damage to your system. In this case turn your system off and call your HVAC company as soon as you can.

Always remember your HVAC system is just what it is called, a system. It will make different sounds and that is normal but if you ever hear that rattling, hissing or clanking call Nelson’s Heating And Cooling immediately and we will be there to fix the problem.