Deciding to move forward with a new HVAC system replacement can be quite the process but it is a very necessary decision if you want to save money on your energy bills and ensure that you are prepared to take on the cold or hot weather. 15 to 20 years is the typical lifespan of a system and it is very normal to notice your system weakening when it gets close to that age. Below are the signs you will begin to notice when it is time to replace your system.

Have you noticed a chill throughout your home this winter? Like maybe your furnace isn’t keeping up with keeping your home warm? Or that in the summer your air conditioner isn’t putting out cool enough air even when it is on high? This sign of poor air temperature is sign number 1.

Lack of air flow is another sign. If you begin to notice that there is little or even no air flowing through your air vents or that some rooms are warm while others continue to be cold then there is a problem.

Noisy or strange sounds is another sign. We all know the quiet steady hum is a normal HVAC sound but weird sounds such as squeaking/squealing or grinding is not normal.

Odd smells are never a good thing either. The musty smell at the beginning of winter is one we are all to familiar with when we turn on our furnace for the first time in months but if there is a consistent foul smell it could indicate mold within the system.

Consistently having to repair your system is another strong sign. In this case it is usually more cost effective to just upgrade the system verses having to constantly repair different components of it.

Lastly a steady increase of your energy bills is one of the biggest signs as the older your furnace gets the less efficient it becomes therefore causing you to pay higher bills because of it.

Replacing your system is quite a large undertaking but if you take into consideration the age of your system and notice any of these sings it may just be the time to do so. Don’t hesitate to call Nelson’s Heating and Cooling to help with your new installation.