Have you ever been siting in one room of your home thinking about how chilly it is, but then you go into a different room for one reason or another and it is so warm in there? Well zone control is the perfect solution to this household problem. All you need is the correct zoning panel. Below we are going to review the top four TrueZone panels which all provide powerful push terminals, practical LED lights, universal applications, many options of fan speed control, and air temperature staging which is all included with a 5 year warranty.

TrueZONE HZ432 Panel is best for conventional, heat pump or duel-fuel applications. This 4-zone panel is expandable up to 32 zones and it is up to 3H/2C Conventional or Heat Pump. It comes with intuitive installer setup and the RedLINK is enabled with a wireless adapter (with up to 4 zones). Its standardized checkout procedure and advanced duel-fuel operation, with up to 2 compressor and 2 fossil fuel stages makes it the best fit for your conventional HVAC systems.

TrueZONE HZ322 Panel is another best for conventional and heat pump applications. With up to 3 zones and up to 2H/2C Conventional or 2H/1C Heat Pump. As above, the intuitive installer setup combined with the RedLINK and, being enabled with a wireless adapter makes for easy use. 

TrueZONE HZ311 Panel is your number one for conventional, single-stage applications. This has up to 3 zones with 1H/1C Conventional. Its clean, professional installation and smaller footprint makes it great for new construction.

TrueZONE HZ221 Panel is exactly what you need for a single-stage heat pump application with auxiliary heat. It has up to 2H/1C Heat Pump and has a clean, professional installation. As above, it has a smaller footprint and is also great for new construction.

Zone Control can be the best thing to ever happen to your home. If you have any questions on zone control or are ready to improve your home and get it installed then don’t hesitate to reach out to Nelson’s Heating and Cooling today!