Air Conditioner (AC) Pipe Insulation

3 Steps to Insulating Your AC Pipes

Typically when you think of insulation, what probably comes to mind is the fuzzy insulation in your attic that keeps heat from escaping your home. While you do need to keep you house insulated to keep out the cold in the winter, you also need insulation to keep in the cool air in the summer. Specifically, you should check to ensure that your AC pipes are insulated. During the cold winter months, dirt and debris can gather on your AC pipes and damage the insulation. Erosion of AC pipe insulation can equate to a 10 degree loss of cooling power, wasting energy and money. Lucky for you, AC pipes can be replaced easily and at a relatively low cost.

Finding AC Pipe Insulation

AC pipe insulation is available at your typical home improvement stores, such as Lowe’s and Home Depot. There are several available options for insulation material: fiberglass, foam rubber, and polyethylene foam. The best of these is polyethylene foam. Installation is easy, as the foam is split down the length of the insulation and the edges are covered in a sticky adhesive. Once the protective backing of the adhesive is removed, the edges converge, forming a tightly sealed bond. Polyethylene foam is also inexpensive, so you can buy extra foam in case you need to replace additional insulation in the future.

Installing the AC Pipe Insulation

  • First, you will want to carefully cut off the old insulation with a razor. Take care to avoid cutting yourself or damaging the piping.
  • Next, you will need to wipe down and clean the pipes. If there is dirt and grime on your pipes, your insulation will not last as long.
  • Once the pipes are clean, wrap the foam around the pipes, one piece at a time.
  • When all of the pipes are covered, remove the protective backing so the adhesive can seal the edges of the foam.
  • Finally, where two pieces of foam insulation are joined together, wrap the edges of the foam with electrical tape.
  • If done correctly, the insulation should lay flat on the pipe. If insulation is not flat, remove the foam and carefully reapply it.

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