Keep your home cool all summer long with a little Spring Cleaning!

Though most of us dread that annual spring cleaning, a little spring air conditioning maintenance will go a long way in making sure you are getting the most out of your air conditioning system this summer!  Here are a few simple things that you can do, and the best part is…it’s FREE!

Start by cleaning the outdoor unit. Unplug or pull down the on/off switch from the outdoor appliance disconnect box, usually somewhere near the unit. If you do not see the appliance box, simply shut off your unit from the main circuit breaker box.  Then make sure that the fan vent is free from debris such as leaves and other plant material, or anything else that can get stuck to the fan blades. Older units may require lubrication of the fan motor. There are usually lubrication ports that are marked on the unit, but if you are unsure check your owner’s manual. Apply 5 drops of special oil made for electric motors. You can find this at most hardware stores. Newer models are usually maintenance free. Look for any evidence of dark spots in or around the unit, as these may indicate compressor oil or tube coolant leakage. If you find a leak, call a professional to service the unit.

Turn the power back on and run the unit for 10 minutes, then gently pull back the insulation around the connection area (just enough to feel the hose). Check the pipe/pipes to see if they feel warm and cool to the touch.  The insulated pipe should feel cool (about 60 degrees) to the touch, and the uninsulated pipe should feel about skin temperature. Call a professional to check your coolant level if either does not feel right.  Inside your home, check all of your vents and vent returns. Replace filters every month, and dust the vent coverings. Also avoid blockage of any vents, keeping them free of furniture and other items that may disturb airflow.


These routine maintenance chores will pay off in the summer heat, providing both comfort and a few more of those hard earned dollars in your pocket! While these tips will help the performance of your system, it is always recommended that you have a professional preform a system check up on your system to ensure that everything is working properly. Learn more about air conditioning repair and maintenance here.



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