It’s the end of August and that means we are right in the middle of hurricane season. Virginia has had its fair share of hurricanes in past years but often we are able to go through the season without any real damage. However, like any HVAC company, we are all about being prepared. We believe it’s better to prep your system for the worst case and receive the best case. Use these tips to help you get through hurricane season with peace of mind.  

  1. Keep loose objects put away. Most of us know to do this, if not for the sake our AC unit but for the sake of our homes. Just in case you forgot, make sure to keep your yard as clear as possible throughout the season. Hurricanes or severe thunderstorms can send objects like garden tools, toys, and outdoor furniture flying, potentially causing damage to your unit.

  2. Strap down or cover your unit. Hail, rain, leaves, or any other debris falling into your unit can cause damage to the condenser. If you know a storm is in the area, turn your unit off to prevent issues caused by power surges. Also, cover your unit with a tarp held down by hurricane straps. With window units, you will want to unplug them and remove them to seal up the space.

  3. Consider flooding in your area. Most outdoor HVAC systems are raised up by a concrete base, but if yours is not, consider building a base or fence for your unit – especially if you live in a flood-prone area. If you suspect your unit has been flooded, then wait until a professional looks at it before turning it back on.

  4. Assess your unit after a storm. Look for any dents and damage that could have occurred, restart the unit and listen for any unusual noises, replace any window units that you may have removed.

If you have any questions about your unit or suspect damage may have occurred this hurricane season, call Nelson’s Heating and Cooling at (757)-566-7014. We have 24/7 emergency service to address any HVAC problems.