We Love Our Pets.

Typically, most families even consider them as a part of the family. Even though they are worth every penny, we all know our pets can be expensive, with food and vet bills, but, are they causing you to spend more on your utility bills as well?

Usually, we all like to make sure our cats and dogs are comfortable around the house too, especially when we are not home. Not surprisingly, many people not only keep their heat on, but also usually leave their radio or television on so that their pets are not only comfortable around the house, but are also entertained. It is very likely that you, or someone you know has these same habit with their “pet children.” However is it costing you more money?

With Our Freezing Cold Winters and Swelteringly Hot Summers, Are We Spending Too Much?

Luckily, it is not always necessary for us to spend more on heat during the winter and more on air during the summer for our animals. Not surprisingly, they know how to take care of, and entertain themselves. If you have ever noticed, you cat for instance, will always make their way to heated areas in the house, like laying near a sunny window, right where the sun falls or laying on a heating vent, or cable box. They are able to maintain their body temperature without you having to turn up the heat. Dogs, however are armed to adequately handle temperatures even lower than we, as people are able to.

Your Pet is Smart.

Therefore, they know where the warm and cool areas of your home are. Although you do not have to go to extreme measures to accommodate your pets, it is crucial that you provide them with a safe, protected space away from heavy winds or rain, and extreme hot and cold. It is not really necessary to keep the heat up or air down, and acquire higher bills for yourself because of your pets.