This is a disagreement that tends to happen in most everyones household, what to keep the thermostat at. Why do women tend to be so cold all while the men are having a heat stroke? Did you know there is much more to this constant debate then just the typical gender stereotype? Actually, there are genetic differences between women and men that cause them to become cold for different reasons.

1. Where our body heat is stored. Women tend to store their body heat at their core verses a man who tends to store it evenly throughout. This explains why a woman’s body temperature is usually higher than a mans. It also explains why a women is usually cold. This is because as the blood is flowing and is pulled back to the core, it tends to take most of their internal heat with it meaning there is little warmth left for a woman’s extremities. Seems like no big deal, until you learn that our extremities are what determines if we as humans are hot or cold. Therefore when a woman’s hands and feet feel a drop in temperature they instantly become cold.

2. Our bodies metabolism. Who knew it truly effected so much. When you have a higher metabolic rate you tend to create more heat energy and because men naturally have a higher metabolism then women they form heat at a higher rate. Meaning, men do not get cold as easily as women, but also meaning they can be more uncomfortable in warmer temperatures compared to women.

3, 4, 5. Other common causes. Your amount of body fat, your activity level, and whether you smoke or not also play a roll in how cold or hot you may become.

So ultimately women will always feel the cold before men do. Luckily there are solutions to the household thermostat war. Option 1 is to make sure your home is upgraded to a programmable thermostat. And, option 2 is to zone your HVAC system for your home so you can enjoy different tempetures in different areas of the home.

If this is a household battle that you want to solve reach out to us at Nelson’s Heating and Cooling so we can make sure you have all the right tools.