Have you discovered that your heating and cooling unit isn’t performing effectively as it once did? You may believe you can achieve the necessary repairs on your own if you’re talented as a DIYer. After all, isn’t that what the Internet is for? No, not at all. Hiring a Virginia HVAC specialist is the best option.

Fixing a complicated HVAC unit is more complex than other DIY projects, such as painting your home. It’s more like doing your vehicle maintenance. Because there are so many moving components, it’s better to leave it to professional heating and cooling experts.

Still not persuaded? The professionals at Nelson’s heating and cooling of Virginia put together this helpful article to explain why you should contact a professional HVAC specialist rather than Do-It-Yourself.

Reasons to Avoid Do-It-Yourself HVAC Repair

DIY repair projects are getting more popular these days. When it comes to heating and cooling unit repair, though, doing it yourself may not be the best option. Trained professionals only handle electrical wiring and other connections in HVAC systems. Here are some reasons why you should think twice before doing an HVAC repair yourself.

  • It involves extensive training and resources.

HVAC systems have a lot of components, piping, refrigerants, and other things. Only experienced experts are aware of how to correctly treat each piece to resume the regular operation of the unit. They have the required qualifications, decades of expertise, and certification programs to demonstrate that they can handle any HVAC problem.

  • You can end up damaging the device.

Because heating and cooling units are complicated, you may be unsure of the actual cause of the issue. Is it in need of minor repairs? What if it has more severe problems? Is it necessary to replace it? Even minor repairs may harm the efficiency of your unit. It may also be time-consuming since you’ll have to examine each component and determine what needs to be repaired. Hiring a skilled HVAC specialist will make things easier for you and put your mind at rest.

  • It’s Potentially Dangerous

Once you are unfamiliar with specific components of your heating and cooling unit, your safety may be jeopardized. Apart from poor wiring that may lead to electrocution, HVAC units can contain various gases and chemicals. When breathed, they may be not only harmful but potentially fatal. Do not hesitate to contact a professional rather than trying to fix it yourself.

  • It can void your warranty.

HVAC systems that are professionally installed come with warranties. These are assurances that if your unit requires repair or replacement, you will be covered with little or no cost. If you try to fix your unit within the warranty term, the HVAC provider will no longer provide significant repairs or routine maintenance when your equipment fails.

HVAC Repairs  You Can Do Yourself

If your HVAC unit requires repair,  is not working at all, or is blowing less than cold air, here are a few things you may try.

Debris Removal

Many houses have external HVAC systems, which collect debris that must be manually removed. Each week, take five minutes to check the unit and clean out any debris that may have accumulated. To keep yourself safe, make sure you put on your gloves before starting. You may prolong the life of your HVAC system by clearing the system of debris trash.

The Area Around The Unit Can Be Tidy Up

Replace the fan cage once you are done cleaning the device. It is essential to remove leaves and debris from around your condenser unit using a rake to allow adequate airflow. Winter is an excellent time to wrap the head of the condenser with plywood or plastic to prevent falling debris. However, do not completely cover the sides since moisture may collect inside and cause rust. An utterly covered unit may also enable a vermin to build a nest.

Clean the Condensate line

The evaporator coil collects moisture as air passes past it and removes it via a condensate drain line. Algae may grow and become a problem as moisture passes through the drain line. As a result, you should clean the condensate drain pipe regularly. To ensure proper cleaning, pour bleach down the drain to remove algae.

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