In the unbearable and scorching heat, nothing feels better than walking into a cool home or work place.  However, sometimes we have the tendency to want to run our air conditioners all the time. In the long run, this is bound to cause a breakdown in your air conditioning unit and it will most likely occur during the most hottest days of the year.  Summer time is a technician’s busy time of the year and it can be quite difficult to get a technician out to fix your air conditioner in a timely fashion.

 So what can you do to help avoid your air conditioner unit possibly breaking down during the hottest days of the year?  Here are some tips to help a major breakdown and will also help your energy bill during the hot summer months.

Simple Tips:

WINDOWS:  Close your window blinds.  The windows draw in heat from the sun, which in turn makes your air conditioner work harder.  If the temperature drops in the day or night, give your air conditioner a break by opening up some windows.


 FANS:  Work with fans in your home or office.  Not only will it help you not overuse your air conditioner, but will also move and circulate the stagnant air.  Try turning on fans when you are not home to help move the cooled air better throughout the home and keep your air conditioner from running all the time.
SCHEDULES:  Set your thermostat so that your air conditioner doesn’t run as much during the day when no one is home.  The air conditioner doesn’t have to run full blast for no reason.  Buy a programmable thermostat where you can program a schedule throughout the day.  Set the schedule for the unit to come on sparingly during the day and kick on an hour before anyone gets home.  At bedtime, it is always a good idea to have it run at a minimum as well.
LIGHTS:  Make sure you turn your lights off when not in use.  Light sources also heat up rooms which cause your air conditioner to kick on.
MAINTENANCE:  By keeping your air conditioner maintained will prevent a ton of problems with the unit.  A technician will be able to spot potential problems before they happen.  Also, make sure you change your air filters once a month.
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DUCTS:  Keep your air ducts free and clear of any dirt particles or debris.  Clogged ducts will make your air conditioner have to work harder and will allow for more allergy related issues.
We know it is tempting to crank up the air when it is hot, but these simple tips will help keep your air conditioner working properly and more efficiently.  When your air conditioner is working at its’ best, it will prevent it from being overloaded and breakdown during the time you need it most.