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You use your air conditioning every day, but there’s probably a good bit of information that you might not have known about air conditioning. In today’s post, we’re going to share some fun facts about air conditioning. Have friends who love trivia? Share this post with them!

  • The first AC was designed by Willis Carrier in 1902. Why? In order to control humidity in a publishing house so the ink would dry faster and to protect the paper.
  • People paid to visit somewhere with AC. Well, sort-of! Movies would show their biggest hits over the summer, because people would pay to come visit the theater, just for the air conditioning!
  • AC saves lives. Really! Because of the invention of air conditioning, doctors have been able to keep certain medications available and store them safely, allowing the meds to be used to save lives. AC has also helped reduce the spread of diseases that were once easily spread in warmer climates.
  • Before central AC, many offices took a summer holiday! Apparently before central AC was used, certain parts of the government and various industries would take the summer off because of the unbearable heat.
  • In America, we use as much energy on AC as the entire continent of Africa uses. The power that we use each year just to keep us cool is just as much as Africa uses for everything combined!
  • AC in cars came in 1936. Packard was the first car manufacturing company to use AC in vehicles.

What do you think? Are you glad that we have AC in our lives? We are, too! Let us know how we can help you make yours better! Give us a call today!

10 Fun Facts about Air Conditioning
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