It’s Officially Spring Time..

Well it’s Virginia, so that may vary but, warmer temperatures are definitely in the near future! When we are talking about your air conditioning, you can’t just turn it on and forget about it. Even though spring is not “hot,” this hot summer weather is well on its way. This makes spring one of the most important times for your unit. It your time, as a home owner to take all the precautions needed and get your ac unit inspected and have any maintenance done making sure your unit is good to go though the summer when having a/c is detrimental.

There are 3 assets of having your A/C Inspection:

  1. Performance is Improved. This inspection gives the authorized technicians the opportunity to do a full “once over” of your unit to make sure that it is able to run at its max potential throughout the whole summer. The main goal is to find any minor problem or issues that you probably won’t notice now, but could begin to be a problem over the summer when your a/c is constantly running. This takes away the worry that your unit could possibly break down one scorching summer day when scheduling an air conditioning repair is the most challenging.
  2. Efficiency is Improved. Units that may have minor damages or problems use so much more energy than a/c units that are in prime shape. This will not only reduce the energy utilization, but it will also lead to a lower bill,  saving you money in the end.
  3. Safety is Improved. Did you know that when your air conditioning isn’t running accurately you are putting your home in danger of bad air quality and gas leaks? The quality of air indoors is one of the top 5 hazards to the public health. So, having your unit inspected can greatly improve the quality of air in your home for you and your family.

Take the time, while you still can and have your a/c unit inspected so that is it ready for the hot weather this summer will bring us.

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