5 Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Dehumidifier

A_HUMID_BYPASS_LARGE_BTY_LGDehumidifiers are essential for homes and businesses: they maintain proper humidity levels to prevent mold growth, reduce the chance of humidity-caused damage to woodwork and furniture, and they reduce exposure to odors and allergens.  However, reducing the humidity in your house is not simply flipping the on switch to the dehumidifier and then forgetting about it; your dehumidifier has to be maintained.  Below are useful maintenance tips to keep your dehumidifier running effectively and efficiently.

  1. Invest in a Hygrometer
    A hygrometer is a digital wall device that measures the temperature and humidity levels of your home/business.  The purpose in investing in a hygrometer is to see if your dehumidifier is functioning properly, or to see if your dehumidifier reducing humidity to the level it says it is.  If it is, the hygrometer’s humidity levels should align with the dehumidifier’s humidity levels.
  2. Clean the Water Container
    The water container should be cleaned monthly to avoid mold growth in your dehumidifier.  To clean the water container, power off and unplug the dehumidifier.  Next, take out the container and wash it with a solution of warm water and a little bit of dish detergent.  Finally, rinse and dry the container, and put it back in the unit.
  3. Clean or Replace the Air Filter Annually
    Most dehumidifiers have, located in the grill area, an electrostatic air filter.  This filter needs to be inspected for tears and damage twice a year.  If you find damage, the filter must be replaced.  If there is no damage, consult your manual to see if your filter can be cleaned; otherwise, assume that it must be replaced.
  4. Do Not Allow Temperatures to Drop Below 60 degrees
    Room temperatures below 60 degrees can cause the dehumidifier’s evaporator coils to accumulate an ice buildup, which will almost certainly lead to an expensive repair.  If you know the room temperature is going to drop below 60 degrees, turn off the dehumidifier!
  5. After Maintenance, Wait 10 Minutes Before Powering Your Dehumidifier back on
    Waiting 10 minutes after tending to the maintenance of your dehumidifier does two things: it prevents the compressor from short cycling and it enables proper equalizing of pressure in the refrigeration system.  Both of these effects will prolong the life of your dehumidifier

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