Most men (or women) try to be the “handy man” around the house, but is that always the best thing to do? Yes, it can save you money but what if what you are doing is actually making a huge mistake? Especially when it comes to your cooling, heating, or ventilation systems. Here are some common “do it yourself” tips that you should not do.

Installing a heating or cooling unit by yourself is usually a bad idea. There is a lot to it and if you are not positively sure of your ability to correctly install it you should reach out to a certified HVAC technician. They understand how to correctly balance and calibrate each element involved so that your unit runs efficiently and to its best ability.

Buying a unit that is to large is not always the best. Bigger is not always better, especially in this instance. This tends to be the most common and even most costly mistake. Homeowners tend to think that it is better to choose a unit from your hometown/local home improvement store and typically push for bigger units. This is wrong, units that are to big will result in wasting a lot of energy.

Shopping around for the cheapest repairs is another costly mistake. While in other areas of the home bargain shopping can be a plus, but when it comes to your HVAC you want to make sure you are always using a company you can trust! Cheaper repairs usually end up costing more money and need to be redone. Therefore in the end, you should have just gone with the best tech not the best price.

Skipping out on HVAC maintenance by a professional can lead to not only costly repairs in the long run but also leads to an inefficient performance. Having your unit checked out and maintained by a professional will keep your system reliable while also prolonging its life.

Choosing more repairs over replacement to save money typically never ends well. This can end up meaning you need additional repairs and will have more frequent service calls. Buying a new unit will cost more up front but will save you a lot in the end.

Most people like to do things themselves and take the less expensive route, but keep it mind that is not always the best idea. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to call Nelson’s Heating & Cooling!