Heating and cooling systems are complex pieces of equipment, which is why, at Nelsons Heating and Cooling, we have a trained team of professionals ready to assist any of your needs. We also believe the more you know about your system, the better! So this month, we have decided to answer some of the frequently asked questions about heating and cooling systems.

Q. What regular maintenance does my  heating and cooling system need?
Maintaining unrestricted air flow is a vital part of keeping your system performing properly. Debris such as dust and dirt are terrible for the equipment. Both outdoor and indoor units require clean filters, heat exchangers and restriction free coils. We recommend that your system be serviced twice a year.

Q. What should I check before calling for service? Before calling, you should always check that your air conditioner or furnace is turned on. Also, make sure the thermostat is on the correct settings and check that all breakers and disconnects are on.

Q. Is my A/C unit is big enough?
Efficiency and performance are what matters, not size. Always make sure your system is properly sized for your home and comfort needs before buying a replacement. We perform these tests for you, to ensure that you are getting the correct system for your home or business.

Q. Should I close the doors to areas of my home that aren’t being used?
No. Your system was designed to cool or heat a certain amount of space. If you close doors in certain rooms, your system will have to work harder for less square footage and become less efficient.

Q. Are there any dangers of operating my system with a damaged heat exchanger?
A heat exchanger separates the safe warm air throughout your home from the poisonous carbon monoxide gas created when you operate your heating system. A damaged heat exchanger can allow carbon monoxide into your home, limiting your ability to take in oxygen and causing flu-like symptoms, dizziness or even death. If your heat exchanger is damaged please call us immediately.

We hope that you learned some important facts and that we answered some of your questions about your heating and cooling system. If you have any other questions about your heating and cooling system, contact us here. Be sure to check out our services page to see how we can help with your heating and cooling needs!