There are many reasons why your air conditioner might not be performing as expected. However, there are a few issues that seem to be more common. When your Nelson’s Heating & Cooling Expert outlines methods for fixing these issues through air conditioning repair in Williamsburg, VA, knowing what they are may assist.

The four most common issues with AC Systems that may cause your cooling system to fail are listed below.

EXTREMELY LOW REFRIGERANT. Your a/c unit uses refrigerant to get rid of heat and moisture from your house or office atmosphere. For example, if the refrigerant lines on your system leak, you may wind up having insufficient refrigerant to chill the air properly. Nevertheless, changing the refrigerant is not the only solution to this air conditioner issue. Finding the leaks and repairing the holes in the pipes requires an HVAC repair expert, which can be time-consuming and costly if there are numerous leaks.

FAULTY FANS. An A/C unit is designed to have two blowing fans. An interior fan blowing cooled air over the evaporator coil within the unit, while exterior fans pump heated air out of the building via the condenser. You’ll have poor airflow and air conditioner issues if one of those fans isn’t functioning correctly owing to a broken motor, shortage of oil, damaged belts, or presence of dirt and debris. If you ignore the issue, it may develop to compressor breakdown, ending the air conditioner’s life.

AN OUTBREAK OF LEAKING DUCTS. This ductwork is the mechanism that moves the cool air around your room from the air conditioner. But, if the ducts have holes or fractures (which may be created by rats or negligent workers), that costly chilled air will end up within your walls, where is of no benefit. It must be stated, of course, that this situation promotes the energy consumption of your air conditioner, which will afterward lead to an increase in your utility costs.

CLOGGED DRAIN. The humidity removes from the air is meant to drain out through a drain line, into a pan, and then down a drain. Water may back up and harm the unit if the pipe or drain is blocked or the pan is full. Water leaks may also cause damage to your surfaces, ceilings, and furniture. Mold development is almost certain if you can’t notice it straight away.

Simple ways to avoid air conditioner issues include:

  • It is crucial to replace dirty air filters. Clogged air filters are a common source of airflow issues that cause coils to freeze.
  • Make sure to inspect your ducts and fix any holes. If it seems that there isn’t enough air flowing from the vents, or if your energy costs continue to rise, have an HVAC professional inspect your ducts.
  • Make sure to clear any dust and debris from near the outer unit. The condenser and outside fan unit will find it difficult to remove heat efficiently when clogged with leaf surface, debris, and dirt.
  • Always Schedule regular maintenance. Regular maintenance can eliminate all the most common causes of air conditioner issues. Have an HVAC professional check and tune it up before turning on your system from scratch in the spring. It’s not costly, and you’ll avoid having to call for help when your air conditioner breaks down during the summer season.

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