Why Wi-Fi Thermostats?

As mentioned in previous blog posts, heating and cooling your home can take its toll on your energy bill. Sure, traditional thermostats allow you to control your unit while at home. But what happens when you go to work, are on vacation or gone for an extended period of time? Your unit is cooling or heating your home while you are gone, but why? Leaving the A/C on to regulate an empty house will only lead to an empty wallet. It does not have to be that way anymore! Wi-Fi thermostats offer an increased efficiency for your HVAC system and your energy bill.

Benefits of Wi-Fi Thermostats

Wi-Fi thermostats can be controlled by any computer, tablet or mobile device that has an internet connection. These thermostats are even able to monitor the system to determine whether service is needed. Here are the greatest benefits with Wi-Fi thermostats:

  • Homeowners can adjust the temperature for their home from their office, a restaurant or even on vacation to reduce heating and cooling use.
  • Homeowners can also adjust the temperature while they are sleeping or spending time outdoors to reduce the use of their heating and cooling system even more.
  • Commercial property owners can control multiple thermostats with remote access. This will allow property owners to minimize expenses associated with their properties.
  • Wi-Fi thermostats can send reminders to check your air filters. This is determined by the amount of time your system is in use.
  • Because of the reduced A/C use, you can decrease the number of times you need to replace your air filters.

Where can I get one?

Nelson’s Heating and Cooling offers a full range of thermostats that can meet the unique needs of any property owner. For more information on the Wi-Fi thermostats that Nelson’s have to offer, click here.

To schedule an appointment, call or email and we will gladly visit your residence and determine the most effective unit for you. We will recommend a thermostat that most fits your needs.