10 Alternate Uses for Air Conditioning

We can all agree that the invention of indoor air conditioning revolutionized our standard of living. But what if we told you there were alternate ways to use your air conditioning for entertainment and comedy purposes? We have provided ten alternative uses for air conditioning. #1 and #2 are activities that everyone surely has done.

  1. Provide wind for a photoshoot
    • We can’t all be Beyoncé, which means we can’t all have magic hair fans on-call at any time. But never fear! The air conditioning is here! Just stand over the top of the fan and BOOM! Beyoncé hair. You can reserve those epic headshots for future profile pictures.
    • #1
  2. Create a “scary voice”
    • As sad as it is that today’s kids are lacking in their Star Wars knowledge, there is a New Hope! Your A/C doubles as a Darth Vader voice-changer. Consider them educated, or scared….or both.
  3. Keep a drink cool
    • Ice is overrated. It just waters down your drink. It even makes the glass itself cry! But it’s summer. It’s hot. Which means you need a good cold one. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way to keep your drink cold without that annoying h2o? Ahh yes! Simply place it atop the device that’s sole purpose is to cool things down. Pretty chill, huh?
  4. Block out annoying noises
    • That sound? That is an annoying A/C unit. But you know what one loud, annoying sound can do? Block out another loud, annoying sound. Your buzzing A/C unit can serve as a wonderful replacement to loud music or earplugs if neither are available. Then you can ignore whatever else was being loud and obnoxious, and concentrate on when you’re going to get your A/C fixed instead.
  5. Fend off unwanted company
    • People travel to the Caribbean and Miami because they enjoy being warm. Similarly, people do not travel to Antarctica because they do not enjoy being cold. Same principle applies to houses. People do not like being super cold indoors. So….those annoying neighbors that invited themselves over? Drive them out with a nice sub-zero breeze.
    • #2
  6. Drums
    • Anything that has a hard surface can double as drums. But technically the A/C can double as “air drums” too…which makes you doubly cool.
  7. Excuse to leave the room
    • Never again will you have to force long conversations at your dinner parties. You, as the gracious host, cannot bear to let the atmosphere get even ONE degree off from where you set it. So…if you’ll be excused, you have to go reset the air. Again.
    • #3
  8. Alarm clock
    • 8am school mornings are so much easier when the kids get up! Air Conditioning unit + wooden spoon = effective alarm clock.
    • #4
  9. Side table
    • It’s waist-level, way closer than the actual table, and you are really comfortable in the corner. Yup. The A/C just became the perfect place to put down your plate.
  10. Making date night more romantic
    • The movie is on, the wine is poured, the kids are in bed, and finally you can settle into a nice night. Except that your honey is on the opposite couch. The A/C saves the day! #lifehack just turn that temperature down until she needs something to warm her up. Your awaiting arms will be right there!
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P.S – Nelson’s Heating & Cooling understands that these uses are not energy efficient so we recommend only partaking in these activities every once in awhile. Not for everyday use!