Fun Facts About Air Conditioning!

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Williamsburg Air Conditioning Repair Service You use your air conditioning every day, but there’s probably a good bit of information that you might not have known about air conditioning. In today’s post, we’re going to share some fun facts about air conditioning. Have friends who love trivia? Share this post with them! The first AC was designed by Willis Carrier in … Read More

#1 Sign To Change Your Home’s HVAC Air Filters

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Regularly changing your home’s air filter(s) is the secret to an efficient and long-living HVAC system. Clean filters help cut down your home heating and cooling costs, while dirty filters make your HVAC system work harder and use more energy. Additionally, clean filters reduce indoor pollution and allergens. For clean air, changing your filters regularly is a must! So what’s … Read More

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids

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As hot as it has been outside lately, you probably have tried to stay indoors as much as possible! Are the kids getting a little bored being indoors? In today’s blog post, we want to share some fun indoor activities for kids so you can keep the kiddos entertained while staying inside with the air conditioning. Feel free to comment … Read More

Customer Care Dealer

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Did you know that not all heating and cooling companies are created equal? When searching for the best customer service, choosing a company that is an American Standard Customer Care™ Dealer is the only way to go. American Standard Customer Care™ Dealers are hand-selected by American Standard for their proven commitment to excellence, and Nelson’s Heating & Cooling is proudly one of … Read More

Tips to Save On Your Electricity Bill This Summer

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As the temperature is rising, you’re probably noticing a proportional increase in your electricity bill, as well. It’s not pleasant to be hot all the time, so what are some good ways to stay cool while keeping your electricity bill manageable? In today’s blog post, we will explore several tips to save on your electricity bill this summer. If you … Read More

Cool Profiles: Dan Nelson

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Daniel Nelson was born in Newport News and was raised in Toano, having graduated from Lafayette High School. He is a partner and the service manager at Nelson’s Heating and Cooling. He went to school and graduated from Universal Technical Institute in Houston, Texas. Dan has been working in the household technology industry since 2001 starting at a local residential HVAC … Read More

5 Steps to Maintain Your Dehumidifier

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5 Simple Tips for Maintaining Your Dehumidifier Dehumidifiers are essential for homes and businesses: they maintain proper humidity levels to prevent mold growth, reduce the chance of humidity-caused damage to woodwork and furniture, and they reduce exposure to odors and allergens.  However, reducing the humidity in your house is not simply flipping the on switch to the dehumidifier and then … Read More