Are Your Pets Causing Higher Bills?

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We Love Our Pets. Typically, most families even consider them as a part of the family. Even though they are worth every penny, we all know our pets can be expensive, with food and vet bills, but, are they causing you to spend more on your utility bills as well? Usually, we all like to make sure our cats and … Read More


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We Aren’t Out of the Wintery Woods Just Yet. We don’t tend to get a ton of snow, or even extremely cold days or nights, but when we do, are you ready for them? Most importantly, are your pipes ready? Certain times of our winters have the potential to be brutal and cause quite a bit of damage if we … Read More

Inexpensive Ways To Heat Your Home

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Imagine the power goes out, in the dead of winter, and you’re stuck at home with no heat, no electricity, and no real way to cook or refrigerate food. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. There are other ways to heat your home without using electricity. And, believe it or not, preparation will be fairly … Read More

How Did People Stay Warm in a Medieval Winter?

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Have you ever thought about how much we as homeowners take for granted our furnaces or fireplaces to keep warm in the winter? Without them we would probably freak out.  So how did people back in the medieval times keep warm, especially during below freezing temperatures?  People back then did not have the luxury of having furnaces or space heaters … Read More

Is Your Heating System Ready for the Cold Winter?

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Well it is that time of year again. When the leaves turn colors and soon the temperatures drop and possible snow.  You will want to prepare your heating system before that happens to ensure your system is working to its best!  If you find that your system is in need of some work prior to the blistery cold weather, call … Read More

Air Leaks in Your Home

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Stop Wasting Money With Air Leaks In Your home:  Be Prepared For The Upcoming Winter Your home may have air leaks that is costing you more money every year through gaps and cracks.  Sealing these gaps and cracks yourself can help to conserve energy in your home.  You will want to check your entire home starting with the attic and … Read More

Air Conditioner Repair Scams – How to Know

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So your air conditioner has broken down and you need a technician to repair it.  How do you know that the technician is not scamming you?  It can be difficult to determine since you don’t speak air conditioner language.  There are a few scams out there that are commonly used that you can pick up on if your technician says any … Read More

Before Air Conditioners

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Have You Ever Wondered What Was Life Like Before Air Conditioning? Years ago, we were not so privileged to walk into a nice cool home that had air conditioning after a sweltering hot day.  The air conditioner was not invented until the 1920’s and wasn’t a common household appliance until the late 20th century.  You would have to wonder how … Read More

Preventing Air Conditioner Overload

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In the unbearable and scorching heat, nothing feels better than walking into a cool home or work place.  However, sometimes we have the tendency to want to run our air conditioners all the time. In the long run, this is bound to cause a breakdown in your air conditioning unit and it will most likely occur during the most hottest days … Read More

Benefits of Whole-House Dehumidification

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Benefits of Whole-House Dehumidification Are you waking up with night sweats?  Does your home have peeling or flaking paint or wallpaper?  Damaged wood, paneling, furniture, books, or wet spots on walls or ceilings?  Then the humidity in your home may be high.  Something that can also be affecting your health.  Discover below what the benefits are of having a whole-house … Read More