They are local and that helped a little bit. Their price was good. I had used them before for a different system and so I used them again. They were two of them and they were fine. They showed up when they said they were going to and everything was fine. They are a good company to keep in mind when comparing with others and they are not that significantly different in terms of their professionalism and so on. Their price is the most attractive thing and that’s why I went with them. I would use them again in the future if need be.

Mario Padilla

Work crew showed up on time on the date promised. Removed the old unit from the attic, installed the new unit and inspected all the duct work. They did a thorough cleanup and then spent 30 minutes going over the use of the system and how to use the programmable thermostat. After they had me inspect their work and answered all my questions, I paid them and they were on their way. Except for the cooler temperature from the new unit, their was no evidence of them ever being there. A few days later, I received a call from them asking me if we had any issues with the unit and if we were satisfied with their work. 2 months later, I noticed water staining on the ceiling all around an AC vent and was sure the insulation on the ductwork was loose and condensation was dripping in the attic and down into our bedroom. They came out immediately and after inspecting everything, they brought me up into the attic to show me where a plumbing vent boot on the roof had broken directly above the duct vent and rain was coming into the attic through a 3 inch hole in the roof. Not only didn’t they charge me for the service call, they located a contractor who could do the repair quickly and put me in touch with him.

Chip DeClerck

My a/c worked intermittently after I installed a new programmable thermostat. Another service could not find the problem after several try’s. I called Nelson’s based on Angie’s list. They returned my call quickly and gave me several options since it was after hours. I decided to wait until the next morning. The showed first thing, were very friendly and found the problem quickly. It was a broken switch that the builder installed poorly. The cost was reasonable and service was great. I highly recommend them.

George & Janet Nelson

Nelson’s was terrific getting someone out to us the same day–they keep people working until the calls are finished each day.  Aaron, the youngest tech was phenomenal so I can hardly imagine the abilities and experience of the rest of the staff.  Aftter minutes looking at my unit Aaron knew it was either the capacitor or a fan motor–and he had both in the truck.  He changed out the capacitor first (the lower cost item) and cooled down the fan with my hose which then worked too–he could have just said the fan was burned out because it was so hot but he didn’t.  Once the unit was working again he noticed the fan was not blowing evenly and how clogged our coils were.  It took him at least a half an hour to clean out the built up mess.Then he discovered an area of the unit that had never been checked by other technicians which had another layer of black sludge.  He scraped that off, we got new filters where they should be and he sealed off the old filter space that was wasting our cold air.
Aaron was terrific finding one way after another to improve our efficiency and took readings for later comparison.  Did we get the maintenance contract–you bet.  With assistance like this my penny pinching husband and I recognized we would easily save that money back and the peace of mind is great.  Best part is–I now have Nelson’s on speed dial!

Diane Norbutus

They did a very good job. The did exactly what they said they would. They were prompt and professional while at my home and I would recommend them to others.

James Gomes

They arrived when they said they would and did their usual superb job.  I really trust this business.

Stephanie Pope

This malfunctioned twice, causing a small flood in our newly refinished basement.  The first time they replaced the pump; the second time it was one of those bitterly cold days and the line froze, even though it was properly insulated.  The second time they charged us minimally.  This is a local, family owned business.  We had a problem with our air conditioner right after we moved in in 2013, an called them.  Then our contractor used them for the heating/cooling system for our basement finishing job, so we plan to stick with them.  I have now met all the brothers, and I have liked the personal connection as well as prompt response, good repair and reasonable prices.

Margaret Ann Martin

Aaron and another technician (I’m sorry I don’t remember his name) showed up 10 minutes early for our scheduled appt. They were very personable and professional. They immediately went to work. We had purchased a NEST thermostat and needed some additional assistance with installation. They knew exactly what to do. They scrubbed and cleaned and now the HVAC looks brand new. I could immediately smell a difference in the house and the garage.  A system maintenance check was performed for the heating portion of the unit.. They discussed installing an air scrubber filtration system for the house as we have cats and some sinus issues and I had them do the installation. They didn’t have the unit with them so one of the other technicians delivered it to the house while they were still working. They explained everything they were doing and how everything operates. These two gentlemen were a joy to work with.  It is obvious that they really like what they do and they are very good at it. I am going to go with their yearly maintenance program. I highly recommend this company. Best HVAC customer service experience we have ever had.

Mark Jordan

Once gasline was installed at the house by VNG, Nelsons arrived the next business day. They installed a gas furnace and 16 seer A/C, next day a tankless water heater. The work went quickly and we were little inconvenienced. Friendly, informative, easy to work with, neat installation, great cleanup and no surprises.

Rick Berquist

Excellent!!! Work and efforts were meticulous.  Nelson’s representatives were clean, courteous and professional.  They cleaned up after themselves and were very detailed oriented in all aspects of their efforts.

Sherry Terry

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