Keeping Cool This Summer

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Summer heat is around the corner, and we are all trying to keep cool without breaking the bank. Maintaining your outdoor HVAC unit, and changing a few things can make the difference in creating more summer savings. Follow these tips to beat the heat!

  1. Clear it out: Keep at least 3 feet on all sides of the HVAC outdoor unit clear. This will help prevent most materials from collecting in the air filters, which can block air flow and force your A/C unit to work harder to cool your home.

2. Turn it Up: Keeping your programmable thermostat set higher during warmer summer months can lower your energy bill. In all months, setting a schedule to turn the unit completely off during work or school hours, then back on closer to your return to the home, will save money. The higher summer temperatures will demand more from the unit, so only using it when necessary results in significant energy and money savings.

3. Seal open spaces: keeping ducts and windows shut will keep the cool air in! Preventing air from escaping prevents using your A/C to accidentally cool the garage our even outside of your home. A smaller space to cool means larger savings!

4. Use Fans: A fan can cool the air to break the heat, and is easy to shut off when you leave the home or room. Fans also only use about 50 watts of energy, as compared to about 3,500 watts used by an A/C unit. Energy savings=cost savings…and a nice breeze!

Keep these tips and tricks in mind as we all prepare for the summer heat! Making just a few changes can significantly affect and lower your energy bill, while not affecting your ability to keep cool. Quick routine maintenance of your HVAC system can also make a difference, so call Nelsons for an estimate!