What Are These Noises And What Do They Mean?

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Heating and cooling systems tend to make the weirdest noises. Yes, some of them are common like the low hum of the air flowing through the vents but sometimes these noises can be loud and distracting. Have you ever wondered what these noises are and why your system is making them? Here are a few common HVAC system noises and … Read More

Men Vs. Women Vs. The Household Thermostat

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This is a disagreement that tends to happen in most everyones household, what to keep the thermostat at. Why do women tend to be so cold all while the men are having a heat stroke? Did you know there is much more to this constant debate then just the typical gender stereotype? Actually, there are genetic differences between women and men that … Read More

Prep Your Furnace

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Even though the area hasn’t quite seen that fall drop in temperature, it will come soon enough. The blankets come out, and your furnace starts to work more than usual. But prepare for the chance that the furnace may not work properly. Here are some tips to prep for the cold months, and ensure that the furnace is ready to … Read More

Some Like it Hot

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Here at Nelson’s, we know how to break it down. Into the different types of heating, that is! There are a lot of ways to prep for the coming winter (we hear you, Jon Snow), so we’ll give you a look inside the different types of systems that bring more heat than an angry Italian. Central Heating Furnace: Most American … Read More

12 AC Fun Facts

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In Virginia, the weather is up and down and all around throughout the year. The heat is on during the summer months of June-September but it can stick around through October and start as early as May. Thankfully we have air conditioning. Over the course of the last 115 years since the development of AC, the industry has continued to … Read More

Summer Bucket List

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Ahhh, sun! The height of summer is upon us, and the days of relaxing (mostly) are also here. Sometimes, with the kids all home, and the extra time to relax, it’s hard to remember what there is to do…and that’s when the boredom strikes. And if you’re stuck in your home with no A/C, it can be even harder to … Read More

Signs Your Insulation Needs Replaced

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Insulation keeps hot air outside in the summer and warm air inside in the winter. It protects your home from extreme temperatures, bad air quality, and saves you money in heating and cooling. When insulation goes bad, it can create a number of problems in your home. Keep up-to-date, and check for these signs of wear and tear: · Fluctuating … Read More

Keeping Cool This Summer

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Summer heat is around the corner, and we are all trying to keep cool without breaking the bank. Maintaining your outdoor HVAC unit, and changing a few things can make the difference in creating more summer savings. Follow these tips to beat the heat! 2. Turn it Up: Keeping your programmable thermostat set higher during warmer summer months can lower your … Read More

5 HVAC Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make As A Homeowner

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Most men (or women) try to be the “handy man” around the house, but is that always the best thing to do? Yes, it can save you money but what if what you are doing is actually making a huge mistake? Especially when it comes to your cooling, heating, or ventilation systems. Here are some common “do it yourself” tips … Read More

It’s A/C Inspection Time!

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It’s Officially Spring Time.. Well it’s Virginia, so that may vary but, warmer temperatures are definitely in the near future! When we are talking about your air conditioning, you can’t just turn it on and forget about it. Even though spring is not “hot,” this hot summer weather is well on its way. This makes spring one of the most important … Read More